What is A Super Computer?

Supercomputers are computers which are specialized and are utilized for complex work such as weather forecasts and biological researches.

They are very costly and are tasked with the work of carrying out a lot of mathematical calculations in a short span of time. The Blue Gene/L is the quickest computer worldwide and was produced in Japan.
It can work out mathematical problems at the rate of 35.6 per second.

Main Difference between a Super Computer and Normal PCS

Supercomputers are kinds of computers which are specialized. They are utilized for researches in laboratories, forecasting the weather and nuclear researches. They are also used to carry out data analysis and in the industry for animation as well.

Supercomputers carry power into some programs while computers operate all applications simultaneously.


Operations and Market

Supercomputers have a big capacity for processing. They are chiefly popular because of their fast rate of carrying out calculations. These computers were presented by Symour Cray who is linked with Control Data Corporation.

He presented supercomputers which had a new style through his own firm known as ‘Cray Research.’ In the 1980S a huge number of minor competitors ventured in the market for supercomputers, although its market failed.

Hewlett-Packard and IBM are now creating supercomputers. The quickest supercomputer worldwide is the IBM Roadrunner found at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In 1939 in Iowa State the Atanasoff –Berry was created.

Examples of How Supercomputers are Utilized

Supercomputers are utilized in a number of ways in today’s society, for instance, in the prediction of the weather. Meteorologists utilize them to conduct research on the weather and global warming.

Scientists utilize them in molecular modeling which provides them with the chance for computing the structures and elements of biological compounds.

Also, Supercomputers are utilized for simulations. For instance, the impact of wind and turbulence on a plane and also the impact of a nuclear weapon in case it was detonated.

The military as well, utilizes supercomputers for various reasons. The US Army Tank – Automotive Command-Tank Automotive Research Development & Engineering Center utilizes supercomputers to test the latest vehicles that are undergoing engineering, to check their manner of operation in combat.


Also, they utilize them to provide soldiers with a simulation of its behavior in new vehicles and how one should behave in particular circumstances. Also, Supercomputers are utilized for military pilots who venture into a simulator to check how to behave in case of a combat situation.

Advantages of Supercomputers

• They provide a solution for major problems.

• Various problems are solved in a short span of time.

• They can save costs.

• Supercomputers facilitate virtual testing.

Disadvantages of Supercomputers

• Supercomputers can be costly.

• They consume a large amount of space.

• Supercomputers are just appropriate for particular applications.

• They are not a substitute for physical testing.

• Trained personnel are required to operate them.


As a resource, Supercomputers are extremely helpful where science and technology is concerned. They have turned out to be a tool which is very useful in procedures of science and technology.

They are very fast but are only able to power limited information in comparison to normal PC’s.

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