The New Mayor in Technology-Cloud Storage

Cloud storage to be top priority for 2016, survey finds

There is only one thing that never changes: change! And there is a new mayor in technology town. Research conducted by computer weekly revealed cloud computing is the top priority in IT companies. Lately many businesses are reducing their budget on IT, in terms of software and hardware but they are willing to use more in cloud. According to Navisite Inc. 50-70% have already shifted a significant amount of their data to cloud.


Cloud computing is on top for major reason,Data Recovery Philadelphia, data protection as well as storage. It is surprising even with the con (the fact that it needs a lot of IT infrastructure and maintenance cost to set up those data center) they tend to think it is a better deal to increase spending.

Let’s look at the reasons why many companies prefer it. It has more advantage if you have the right software, IT infrastructure and platform.

Storage and scalability

It has an elastic storage that is unlimited for your data. There is no worry about the data being too much than the storage. All you need is to drag and drop the files from your local computer to the cloud storage. A good example is the google drive.


As long as the file is on the cloud storage you can access it anywhere as long as there is availability of internet. It is very reliable and don’t need to be in the office, one can work from anywhere and send the data to the cloud where someone else can access.

Data backup and protection

It has an added layer of data defense for you files, and every time you upload a file it automatically makes a copy and stored in a secure location. There is no need to manually upload your files it can automatically do that as long as it has been set to do so.

Save up on cost

With cloud, the expense is mostly on setting it up as well as maintaining. But think about how much you have saved for instance the taped backup as well hiring trained personnel, managing software and hardware and also there is decrease on energy cost.

Collaboration and invisibility

Many employees can work on the same project on the cloud at the same time regardless of their geographical location. You always access the latest version of the file. There is no physical existence of the cloud. Hence does not take up any space in the office or home.

It is good to be true but it is real and that is why it has limitations which includes security, one can easily access confidential files especially if you have public cloud service, you require the private cloud service. Also the bandwidth matters if you want to access your files, bad internet signal means you can’t access your data.

When asked about what they would want to change in their business in 2016, 30% said they would focus on implementing cloud backup in a better way this year. (Computer Weekly Survey)

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