The New Mayor in Technology-Cloud Storage

Cloud storage to be top priority for 2016, survey finds

There is only one thing that never changes: change! And there is a new mayor in technology town. Research conducted by computer weekly revealed cloud computing is the top priority in IT companies. Lately many businesses are reducing their budget on IT, in terms of software and hardware but they are willing to use more in cloud. According to Navisite Inc. 50-70% have already shifted a significant amount of their data to cloud.
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What is A Super Computer?

Supercomputers are computers which are specialized and are utilized for complex work such as weather forecasts and biological researches.

They are very costly and are tasked with the work of carrying out a lot of mathematical calculations in a short span of time. The Blue Gene/L is the quickest computer worldwide and was produced in Japan.
It can work out mathematical problems at the rate of 35.6 per second.
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