Linux Operating System

Linux is a type of system that is similar to Unix. Since it is an system, it is meant to be installed in computers but can also be used for video game consoles, mainframes, and mobile phones. Linux is an example of open source software. It is available for free and source codes can be altered and redistributed.

The design of Linux is based on Unix systems. Majority of the design of Linux operating systems are based on the design principles of Unix OS released during the 1980s. Linux operating systems make use of a monolithic kernel also known as a Linux kernel. It is responsible for accessing the file system, networking, processing control, as well as peripheral access. Drivers for devices can be integrated into the kernel or added as a module.
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Windows Operating System

An operating system refers to a set of programs and platforms that help run a computer. It is involved in managing the computer’s hardware and in executing different application software. Operating systems are a vital component in any computer operation.

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world and is used internationally for both personal use and also business use. Since the first ever version was created way back in to the 1980’s, Microsoft has released a total of 9 huge updates to its Windows operating system which we are going to take a look at in this article today.
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