The New Mayor in Technology-Cloud Storage

Cloud storage to be top priority for 2016, survey finds

There is only one thing that never changes: change! And there is a new mayor in technology town. Research conducted by computer weekly revealed cloud computing is the top priority in IT companies. Lately many businesses are reducing their budget on IT, in terms of software and hardware but they are willing to use more in cloud. According to Navisite Inc. 50-70% have already shifted a significant amount of their data to cloud.
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How to Learn To Recover Data

Recovering computer data can sound like an easy process but it can get really complicated.

There are many computer engineers who wish to learn how to recover data since it is a complicated process that needs a lot of knowledge. It is therefore advisable that the one who needs to know how to recover data attends training. There are courses available that can train one to become an expert when it comes to data recovery. There is a five day course that will ensure that you learn all there is to know when it comes to data recovery.
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What you should know about the Android

Android is a powerful open source Linux based Operating System (OS) used especially for smart phones and tablets. It’s one of the most widely used mobile operating system (OS). It is a software stack which includes OS, middle ware and key applications. The android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the tools and Application Programming Interface (API).

The main platform of Android is Java It uses java library. And the applications are coded in Java, C++ and C (core). An only application which as more than 700,000 apps and downloaded more in the market. These applications are updated and many more are released daily.
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What is A Super Computer?

Supercomputers are computers which are specialized and are utilized for complex work such as weather forecasts and biological researches.

They are very costly and are tasked with the work of carrying out a lot of mathematical calculations in a short span of time. The Blue Gene/L is the quickest computer worldwide and was produced in Japan.
It can work out mathematical problems at the rate of 35.6 per second.
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Linux Operating System

Linux is a type of system that is similar to Unix. Since it is an system, it is meant to be installed in computers but can also be used for video game consoles, mainframes, and mobile phones. Linux is an example of open source software. It is available for free and source codes can be altered and redistributed.

The design of Linux is based on Unix systems. Majority of the design of Linux operating systems are based on the design principles of Unix OS released during the 1980s. Linux operating systems make use of a monolithic kernel also known as a Linux kernel. It is responsible for accessing the file system, networking, processing control, as well as peripheral access. Drivers for devices can be integrated into the kernel or added as a module.
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Windows Operating System

An operating system refers to a set of programs and platforms that help run a computer. It is involved in managing the computer’s hardware and in executing different application software. Operating systems are a vital component in any computer operation.

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world and is used internationally for both personal use and also business use. Since the first ever version was created way back in to the 1980’s, Microsoft has released a total of 9 huge updates to its Windows operating system which we are going to take a look at in this article today.
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